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Students enrolled in Bachelor's degree programmes and specialization diploma programmes/Master's degree programmes can register for examinations using the online procedure from their personal page  (Examinations\Examination Dates).

Students must be properly enrolled in order to be admitted to sit examinations. Students who are not up-to-date with the payment of fees and contributions cannot be admitted to the examinations.

Students should remember that:

  • examinations can be taken as oral and/or written tests;
  • students cannot retake an examination that they have already sat and passed;
  • students cannot sit examinations for courses for which they have not obtained the certificate of attendance or if they have not enrolled in the relative programmes;
  • students can both withdraw during a written test and during oral tests before the final marks have been given;
  • Departmental Regulations may include specific rules for admitting students to, or excluding them from, subsequent examination sessions if the students withdrew or did not pass the examination;
  • the result of the examination is written in the student's exam record book at the request of the student and is only registered in the university career of the student if the student passed the examination.

Examinations taken in breach of the preparatory instruction deliberated on by the Academic Authorities shall be considered null and void and shall therefore be invalidated by Decree of the Chancellor.
Students are required to be familiar with the regulations of the university legal system of their Degree Programme and are fully responsible for the invalidation of examinations taken in breach of the aforesaid regulations.
Remember that university credits are only obtained for the relative course if students pass the examination.