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Transfers to another University

Student that intend to move to another Site shallfollow the procedures set out belowon the basis of the study programme to which they belong.

The payment of thefirst instalment of the fees and university contributions for the academic year to which  the transfer application relates must not be carried outand any instalments paidwill not be refunded.
In any case the student is obliged topay off any past debts.

The transferred student may obtain certifications that attest to the cause of the closure of the careerand thelist of examsat the University of Brescia from this University, only for academic years for which the contribution due is paid in its entirety.

If the student intends to move to a study programme with a limited number of places, before submitting the outgoing transfer request at this university, the student must check the availability of the placeand obtain clearance from the University of destination, to be attached to the request for outgoing transfer to be submitted at this University.

The student can no longer take exams  at the University of Brescia from the date of submission of the application for outgoing transfer.

Students enrolled to study programmes in the Economics, Law and Engineering areas

Students enrolled in study programmes in the Economic, Law and Engineering areas for the 2018/2019 A.Y. who intend to transfer to another university:

1. do not have to renew enrolment for the new academic year

2. must perform the online procedure for outgoing transfers between 1st August  and 2nd October 2018 on their personal page: click Career and Transfer application. To proceed the student must be up to date with the payment of fees for all the years of registration.

3. At the end of the procedure, after  having confirmed and submitted the application, the student must print the transfer request, sign it, affix the  stamp duty according to the value in force (€16)

4. Must deliver the following,not later than 2nd October, to the Student's Services and Information Unit helpdesk(Via S. Faustino, 74/B - Brescia):

  • The application for transfer to another university, stamped and signed;
  • The university record book (for those  still in possession);
  • The clearance issued by the University of destination (only for those who intend to register for programmes with limited spaces);

Students enrolled in Study Programmes in the Medical area

Students enrolled in  study programmes in the Medical areashould instead go directly to theStudent's Services and Information Unit helpdesk, always from1st August to 2nd October 2018, to deliver:
• The application for transfer to another University with €16 stamp duty (see form attached to this page)
 • The university record book (for those still in possession)
 • The clearance from the destination University'  (only for those who intend to register for programmes with a limited number of places).

The application may also be submitted:
• by a person delegated to so, enclosing a photocopy front and back of the identity card of the student concerned and that of the delegate;
 • via mail, with registered return receipt (attaching a photocopy front and back of the identity card  of the student to the application), addressed to: Università degli Studi di Brescia -U.O.C. Protocollo, Piazza del Mercato 15, 25121 Brescia;
 • With certified e-mail sent from the personal Certified Electronic Mail address CEM or CEC-PAC (Certified Electronic Mail between Public Administration and Citizen)(therefore excluding the use of ordinary e-mail) to the addressAmmcentr@cert.unibs.it, with a photocopy front and back of an identity document of the person concerned.