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For the 2018/2019 A.Y, the following exemptions are provided for:

Exemptions from university contributions - 2018/19 A.Y

The following shall only pay the Regional tax for the right to education (€140 ) and the stamp duty ( €16):

  • Students with an ISEE of less than or equal to € 13,000 enrolled in the first year or enrolled for a number of years less than or equal to the normal duration of the study programme increased by one and that have achieved, in the case of registration to the second year, at least 10 University  Credits by 10th August or, in the case of registration in the years after the second, at least 25 University Credits by 10th August.  
  • Students who enrol for the first time in a Single-Cycle (Bachelor's plus Master's) Degree Programme that have obtained the national secondary school leaving certificate (Maturità) with a score of 100/100 or 100 cum laude (only for the first year of the programme). Students who have transferred, students repeating years and students already in possession of a university degree are not eligible for this exemption.
  • Students recognised as disabled pursuant to article 3, paragraph 1, of Italian Law 104/92 or students with disabilities ≥ 66%  Having a specific learning disorder does not imply exemption from fees unless accompanied by a certificate of invalidity ≥ 66%. Students with a percentage of disability between 50% and 65% have a reduction in the university contribution. 
  • Suitable students benefiting from obtaining a scholarship (Italian Legislative Decree. no . 68 of 29/03/2012, article 9, paragraph 2).
  • Students who are children of persons benefiting from a disability pension, with an ISEE not exceeding € 4,000.
  • foreign students who come fromDeveloping Countries (as defined by the Ministerial Decree of 03/05/2018) whose nuclear family resides in said country without income or assets in Italy. 
  • foreign students benefiting from an annual scholarship from the Italian Government as part of development cooperation programmes and of intergovernmental cultural and scientific agreements and relative executive programmes and international cooperation projects managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • Students being detainedwith final judgement  at correctional facilities, with which there is a current agreement.


  • Students engaged in educational activities abroad within the context of international agreements (non-Erasmus, including activities aimed at obtaining a joint degree), where international agreements require charges to be paid by the student, are exempt from university contributions (second and third instalment) proportionally to the period spent abroad due to the inability to use the educational facilities provided by the university. This is without prejudice to any different provisions contained in the international agreements currently in force.
  • Students taking part in projects for which an agreement or convention has been stipulated specifically involving exemption from the contribution.
  • Students who are employees of or are children of employees of mechanical companies that were the beneficiaries of scholarships financed by EBM (maximum 60 students), on the basis of the convention approved by the Academic Senate with resolution number 36/2016 of 12/04/2016, are exempt from the payment of the second and third instalment for each of the three years of the scholarship, subject to compliance with the requisites laid down for renewal of the said scholarship.

Other forms of exemption may be envisaged on the basis of specific agreements.