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Installment plans


Deadlines in the 2018/19 A.Y.

FIRST INSTALMENT: paid at the time of enrolment, for registration to subsequent years by the deadline of 15th October  2018



Instalments shall be paid through PagoPA.

It is possible to view the summary of fees (paid and unpaid) by logging in to your personal profile.

After logging in, click on Student's Services>Payments. Outstanding payments are marked with a red dot.

PLEASE NOTE :The dot could continue to be red even a few days after the payment. This depends on the deferred recording by the bank that occurs after a few days.

By clicking on the invoice number you can view the PagoPA payment that can be made in one of the following ways, described on the web page:

PagoPA - Modalità di pagamento rate e contributi universitari

Tables explaining the total amount of university fees and contributions for the 2018/2019 A.Y
by the ISEE  value declared for the benefits for the right to education:  

How to apply for instalment payment of university contributions

It is possible to ask for a  furtherdivision of the second and third instalments of the student contribution into more instalments on the condition that the student is in possession of a valid ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator) certificate for the benefits for the right to university education that is equal to or less than € 40,000.00.
Under no circumstances can the first instalment be divided into smaller instalments

To request this division into instalments, it is necessary to submit a request at the Student's Service and Information Units Desk at Via San Faustino 74/b.