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ISEE for the right to university education  

Students who intend to take advantage of reduced university contributions compared with the maximum amount in the A.Y. 2019/2020 must be in possession of a valid ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator) certificate calculated specifically for the benefits for the right to university education.  

The Isee determines the indicator of the household's economic status.

The ISEE for the right to university education must be submitted by December 31st 2019 at any CAF/CAAF (Fiscal Assistance Centres) or online on the INPS website, subjects authorised to issue it through the signing of a Declaration in Lieu (DIL). 

ISEE PARIFICATO for Foreign Students

If international students with income and assets in countries other than Italy intend to benefit from a reduction of the university tuition fees they must request at an authorised CAF/CAAF Office (Fiscal Assistance Centre) in Italy a valid ISEE PARIFICATO (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator) for the benefits for the right to university education on the basis of the economic situation of their family of origin. 

International students have to submit to the authorized CAF the documentation which states for each member of your family: 

The documents required for the CAF in order to obtain the ISEE PARIFICATO (Equivalent ISEE) are as follows:

1.      Tax Code
2.      Valid identity card or passport;
3.      Document stating the Family composition (members);
4.      Income of each family member for the year 2018;
5.      Proof of unemployment for any unemployed family members (if applicable);
6.      Declaration of property (real estate) owned by the family in the country of origin, including surface area in square metres;
7.      Proof of assets owned by the family (expressed in bonds, dividends, shares, fractions of net assets of any companies owned, etc.) within 31 December 2018.
8.      Any possibile incomes and assets owned in Italy;

The documentation must be issued by the Italian consular authority in the country in which the incomes have been produced. 

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