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Pursuant to Article 12 of Italian Decree Law no. 201 of December 2011, payments (reimbursements) shall be made exclusively by bank transfer to the current account held by the entitled party.

To enter or change the current account data (IBAN), the students can use their own personal pages - click on Home > Demographics > Edit Payment and Reimbursement Data.

Reimbursements at the request of the student

Pursuant to  Article18 of Student Regulations

1) Enrolled students who withdraw from studies within 15 days of the completion of the enrolment, provided that the request is submitted within the same period and is not followed by enrolment at other universities in the Region of Lombardy;

2) Students who renew their registration to the academic year and who submit a request for transfer to another University not in the Region of Lombardy  by the deadline, provided they submit a reimbursement request within 15 days of the request for transfer;

3) Students who, following a previous registration in another University in the Region of Lombardy, pay the University of Brescia the regional tax for the right to education for the second time in the same academic year;

4) incorrect payment.

The form "Fee reimbursement request" can be downloaded on the page: 
Modulistica della Segreteria Studenti

Repayments ex officio, without submission of a request

1) students who are the beneficiaries of scholarships or suitable students not in receipt of scholarships - reimbursement of first instalment of fees (excluding regional contribution and the stamp duty);

2) students who renew their registration the academic year and who obtain their degree in the degree sessions of the previous academic year;

3) students who are beneficiaries of a total or partial exemption on the basis of their economic situation and/or merit who have paid a sum greater than the amount actually due for registration to the whole academic year;

4) adjustments managed by the Student's Services.


The following CANNOT be reimbursed:

1) the contribution for participation in the selection process for admission to the study programme;

2) the contributions for registration to Master's, advanced and training programmes.