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Innovation and Technology Transfer

Technological Transfer

The university promotes and supports all the initiatives that aim to enhance the research activity of technological transfer.
You can find information on some projects aimed to favor this technological transfer and innovation: Research scholarship and Start Cup.

Spin off

The university favors corporations that have as an objective to use research results and product development and services in innovative contexts.
For information on how to set up spin off activities and overall University participation see internal regulations present in the relative pages.


A patent is a legal means to allow having exclusive but temporary right to produce, market, sell and use not for personal or experimental reason the object in question, in the State in which the patent has been requested.
The requirements are:

  • novelty;
  • originality;
  • industrial applicability.

The object of a patent may be:

  • the invention or the original solution of a technical problem, suitable to be manufactured and applied in the industrial field;
  • model of use, that is, something that supplies machines or part of these, to instruments, tools or objects of general use, a particular efficiency or ease of publication or use;
  • The new vegetable and animal variety, that is, a new variety of vegetable or animal, homogeneous and stable.

For further information consult the Regulations regarding patents presents in the correlated pages. These rules give guidelines on the typology of the inventions, the method of patent requests and extension of protection of patents abroad. All the documentation relative to patent requests needs to be presented by the inventor in both Italian and English.

The University of Brescia is a member of

  • Netval - Network for the enhancement of university research