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OPENBS (UniBS Open Archive)

OPENBS (Open Archive UniBS) is the new catalogue dedicated to collecting and disseminating the scientific production of the Università degli Studi di Brescia. It can be found on IRIS, the new platform for managing research data, developed by the Inter-university association, CINECA. OPENBS contains different kinds of publications, such as: magazine articles, papers, editorships, conference proceedings, essays, patents and others.

Why an open catalogue?

The transition to an Open Archive for the institution is consistent with the general approach, at international level, of favouring the dissemination of high-quality scientific information, by promoting open and free access to research outcomes. As well as gathering and managing the scientific production, OPENBS enables it to be disseminated for external use by surfing public pages and the many opportunities to examine and extract data.

Which publications can be entered in OPENBS?

The OPENBS Catalogue is an archive of all the scientific production of the University teaching staff and researchers and is indexed according to the different types defined by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. The PDF file of the publications can also be added to the bibliographical descriptions.