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MAPEC Life - Monitoring air pollution effects on children for supporting public health policy

Project details:

Start date 1/01/2014 - end date 31/12/2016
Total cost: € 2.246.502,00  
EU contribution: € 1.112.189,00

Call for proposal:  LIFE+ 2012


The main objective of the project is to evaluate the associations between standard (PM10, NOx etc.) and investigated (PAHs and nitroPAHs) parameters of air pollution and early effect biomarkers, and to propose a model for estimating the global risk of early biological effect due to air pollutants and other factors in children. The model will provide information that is valuable for guiding policy-making and planning individual and community interventions to protect children from possible health effects of air pollutants (general objective GO1). This objective will be achieved using two biomarkers of early biological effects, DNA damage highlighted with the comet assay and the presence of micronuclei, in oral mucosa cells of 6-8-year-old children, and the following exposure variables, as possible risk factors: a) some airborne pollutants; b) air mutagenicity and toxicity, measured by in-vitro tests, and c) demographic and socio-economic variables, exposures to other pollutants and life-style variables (GO2) (Figure 1). Specific objectives (SO) must also be considered a necessary step for project implementation and achievement of the general objectives.



Università degli Studi di Brescia - Coordinator

CSMT Gestione s.c.a.r.l.
University of Perugia
University of Pisa - Department of Biology
University of Salento - Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies
University of Torino