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Research grants

The University of Brescia gives grants for conducting research activities according to article 22 law n. 240/2010 according to the provisions contained in the regulations.

Beneficiaries of research grants

Grant beneficiaries must have a degree (or equivalent title) and a suitable scientific professional curriculum to conduct research. Permanent university staff members or state research employees are not entitled to receive these grants. The title of PhD or equivalent obtained abroad or, for certain sectors, the title of specialization in the medical field accompanied by adequate scientific production, constitute a preferential requirement for admission to competitions and subsequent awarding of a grant .

Those who are enrolled in a PhD course are not eligible to receive research grants. The Board of Governors may set aside a share of the research grant for Italian scholars or foreigners who have obtained their PhD or equivalent, abroad or for foreign scholars who have obtained a PhD in Italy.

How grants for research are assigned

The assignment of research grants is decided by selection after a public competition notice. For information regarding announcements see the related page.

How long the grant lasts

The research grant lasts between one and three years. It can be renewed for up to four years as foreseen by the law, after the work assigned in relation to the research project and the student’s progress have been evaluated.

The grants activated in accordance to the notices published before L.n.240/2010 are governed by the norms in force at that time.