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Student aid, benefits and services

Students aid

Through the management of student aid, the University of Brescia grants partial or total fee exemptions, providing the most brilliant, and/or economically disadvantaged students with housing and boarding facilities. Scholarships for Master and Ph.D. students are awarded through open competition, according to a ranking based on economic status and merit. They include financial support as well as housing and boarding facilities. Applications must be submitted by filling the form that is available on the University website.

Job opportunities

  • Part-time appointments: students can provide several services related to university facilities, lasting up to a maximum of 200 hours and paid by the University.
  • Tutoring is another form of student collaboration paid by the University. To access it you need to participate in a contest and meet the requirements of merit and income indicated.

University canteen

A Cafeteria with 400 seats is available to the students. Moreover, special prices are offered to students in some restaurants, pizzerias and pubs, included in a selected list. Costs: prices vary depending on the type of scholarship and on the student’s income.

Housing services

The campus offers the best living conditions and educational and cultural support as well as recreational spaces and sport facilities, providing services for study, university life and leisure time. All students can request accommodation.

  • 8 facilities located near the headquarters of each department account for a total of 450 places.
  • 54 places are reserved to a selected number of students with special merit in a special building (Collegio Universitario di Brescia).
  • Air-conditioned, single and double rooms, with private or shared bathroom.
  • Kitchens, Laundromats, car, bicycle, motorcycle parking.
  • Internet connection, TV rooms and study rooms.

Study rooms, multipurpose hall: the Campus “B. Boni “ has three study rooms with about 200 seats, open weekdays from 8 am to 24, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 22. There is also the Multipurpose Room, which can accommodate up to 200 people where students can find, in addition to educational activities, cultural and recreational activities, such as concerts, theatre performances organised by the students themselves.

Sports facilities

The Brescia University Sports Center (CUS Centro Universitario Sportivo) is an amateur sport association federated to C.U.S.I. agency for sport promotion of C.O.N.I. Brescia.
CUS has a variety of facilities (weight room, tennis court, baseball field, basketball and volleyball facility) and has an agreement with some municipal swimming pools.
CUS organises many courses: pilates, yoga, swimming, kick boxing, postural gym, caribbean dances, basketball, soccer, volleyball, free climbing and many others. Moreover, Brescia CUS organises tournaments and summer courses, and regularly participates in the University National Championships. More information on courses, tournaments, young activities can be found on the CUS website (in Italian).