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Students with disabilities and Dyslexia

Students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders are entitled to attend University and to follow the educational pathway most fitting to their aptitudes. For this reason it is important to provide them with all the means necessary to facilitate their stay at the University.

Students with disabilities and Dyslexia must be fully integrated into the University in all aspects of academic life, since social relations, living in with other students and collective manifestations are unique experiences forming part of a person’s cultural and emotional heritage.

In this regard, it is necessary to offer tools and services aimed at eliminating the physical and learning barriers that might be encountered when settling in the University environment.

The educational aspect, as a stimulus for our society, is therefore only the starting point; this does not in any way mean “facilitating” programmes and examinations, but promoting the integration of disabled and dyslexic students, by establishing services and initiatives aimed at improving the usability of all the activities carried out in our premises.


Inclusion and Participation Unit:

The Inclusion and Participation Unit (U.O.C. Inclusione e Partecipazione) of the University of Brescia also deals with Disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders and thus performs secretarial functions for the University Commission for the Disabled Students.

The Inclusion and Participation Unit is located at the "Valotti 3/B" residence in Valotti 3/B.

The Inclusion and Participation Unit staff receive students by appointment. To book an appointment, please send an e-mail to: capd@unibs.it.