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Students with disabilities

Our University is setting up some services to help students with disabilities take an active part in university life, so: Help us help you

You can contacting the Commission members to provide us with pointers and notify us of any problems. These will give an impetus to help us improve:

  • access to teaching;
  • access to the buildings:
  • access to services normally provided for students, and to set up any new services.

The invitation is addressed to all those (teaching staff, technical and administrative staff and students) who 'experience' the University and who are called upon for that reason to improve its 'quality of life for everyone'.

Entrance services

in collaboration with the Student's Service (Mr. Bissolo)

As of the A.Y. 2000/2001, a form has been distributed (to be filled in anonymously) in order to conduct a more accurate survey of students with disabilities. The information gathered is handled as aggregated data in anonymous form and distributed to Faculty spokespersons, so that they can plan actions to make integration of individuals with disabilities in the study programmes and tutoring more effective.

Personalised admission test
When registering, students with disabilities can apply to the Head of the Student's Service or to the Commission to take personalised admission tests for Degree programmes.

Services during studies

University Disability Commission

It is the tutor's duty to support those students with disabilities who have requested a tutor, and, depending on the special needs and type of disability, contribute to removing the teaching and physical barriers. The tutors are not there to make the university programmes easier! The tutoring service involves supporting students with motor disabilities in lessons, catching up with notes for students with hearing or visual disabilities, intermediating with teaching staff, booking places in lessons and carrying out administrative and secretarial formalities, such as registering for examinations, filling in the study plan and other services.

Tutoring service for sitting examinations
The law requires personalised treatment of each disabled student, who should be able to take the examinations in the ways most suited to their type of disability. In agreement with the lecturer, disabled students can take examinations with the aid of specific technical means or can take equivalent tests at the proposal of the specialised tutoring service. The request must be made as soon as possible to the University Disability Commission.