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ECONOMICS AREA: Coronavirus emergency: teaching activities in distance learning modality

In accordance with the decrees issued  for the Coronavirus emergency, we inform students that during the week from 2nd to 6th March 2020 teaching activities will be guaranteed in distance learning modality as much as possible.

Distance teaching will be delivered in asynchronous modality with the support of videos (realized by the teachers via ‘Kaltura’) that will be easily accessible through a link provided by the teachers themselves, or in synchronous modality via ‘Microsoft Teams’ (which can be activated according to the instructions given here >>) in compliance with the planned calendar.

The calendar of the lessons delivered  - in asynchronous and synchronous modalities -  is published in this page.

All the lessons that are suspended this week but are not delivered in one of the above modalities will take place starting from 16th March 2020, following the updated health emergency in any case. Any further update on these lessons will be given by the DEM’s Teaching and Student Services Unit (Servizi Didattici di Economia).

Please note that as of Monday, 2nd March 2020, teachers are not allowed to meet students in person but are available to be contacted online.

Students are invited to check this page properly, as it will be updated regularly about distance learning activities.


Monday, March 2, 2020