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Staff Organisational Units for the areas
  • General Secretarial Service
  • Evaluation and Reporting Service
  • Communications Unit
  • Unit for Health and Support for the Medicine and Surgery teaching activity Coordinating Facility

Financial Resources Sector

  • Acccounting, Budgeting, Treasury and Finance Unit
  • Staff Remuneration and Social Security Unit
  • Departmental Services Acquisition Processes Unit
  • Departmental Administration

Student Services Service

  • Secretarial Unit
  • Postgraduate Unit
  • Services Unit
  • International Mobility of Students Unit
  • Secretarial Staff

Purchasing, Building and Safety Sector

  • Negotiations and Real-estate Affairs Unit
  • Environment and Safety/Prevention and Protection Unit
  • University Planning and Building Management Unit
  • General Services and Technological Systems Unit
  • Procurement, Property and Insurance Unit
  • Tenders and Contracts Unit
  • Administrative Secretarial Unit

Research and Technological Transfer Service

  • National Research and evaluation of the quality of research Office
  • International Research, Cooperation Unit and Staff Mobility Office
  • Technology Transfer and relationships with external bodies Office

ICT Services Service

  • Administrative Secretariat Staff
  • User Services and DTM Unit
  • Digital Administration, Security and Storage
  • Applications Services Unit
  • Networks and Systems Unit
  • University Portal Management Service
  • Access Systems to Network Resources Staff

Human Resources Service

  • Teaching and Research Staff Unit
  • T-A Staff, Research Associates and Collaborators Unit
  • Organisation, Development and Training Unit
  • Services Register, Transparency and Publicity Staff

University Library System Unit

  • Business and Law Library Unit
  • Medicine and Engineering Unit
  • Library Resources Purchasing Unit
  • Cataloguing Unit