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Board of Auditors

Activities of the Board

The Board of auditors is made up of three statutory members and two alternate auditors, of which one statutory member, acting as the chairman, is chosen from the judges of administration and accounts and the lawyers of the State; one statutory member and one alternate member are appointed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance; one statutory member and one alternate member are chosen by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research from among the Ministry's own directors and officials.

The members of the Board of auditors are appointed by Decree of the Chancellor

The mandate of the auditor should be for four years; the terms of office may be renewed once only.

University employees cannot be appointed as auditors.

At least two of the statutory members and one of the alternate members of the Board of auditors should be listed on the Register of Auditors.


Board  Dr. Gaetano Berretta - Chair
Dr. Carlo Messina  - Member
Dr. Barbara Proietti  - Member

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