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Board of Governors

Activities of the Board of Governors

The Board of governors is responsible for:
a) the role of strategic direction, approval of the annual and three-year financial and staff planning, as well as supervision of the financial viability of the activities, and upkeep of the University's real estate and movable property;
b) resolving on the activation or discontinuation of Programmes and Sites, subject to the mandatory opinion of the Academic senate;
c) adopting, by the absolute majority of its members, the Regulations for administration and accounting, as well as, at the proposal of the Chancellor and subject to the opinion of the Academic senate, approving the annual and three-year budget forecasts, the final account and the three-year planning document;
d) the obligation to send both the annual and three-year budget forecast and the final account to the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and the Ministry of Economy and Finance;
e) appointing the General director and exercising the power of revocation on him by substantiated deed and with the passing of a resolution by a majority vote of two thirds of the members, at the proposal of the Chancellor, in the ways and in the cases provided for in Italian Legislative Decree no. 165 of 2001, and also in the cases of repeated failure to follow the guidelines expressed by the governing bodies;
f) applying disciplinary penalties to university professors and researchers for all those cases for which a penalty higher than official reprimand cannot be inflicted;
g) approving the proposal to appoint professors and university researches by the Departments.


  • Maurizio TIRA
    Rector of the University of Brescia
  • Umberto ANGELINI
  • Paola ARTIOLI
  • Francesca BASILICO 
  • Gianluca DEL BARBA
  • Marco MEDEGHINI 
  • Claudio TEODORI
  • Giada TRIONI