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General Director

Alessandra Moscatelli is the General Director of the University of Brescia.

Based on the guidelines established by the Board of Governors, the General director is responsible for the overall management and organisation of the University's services, instrumental resources and technical-administrative staff, as well as for the duties referred to in article 16 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 165 of 30 March 2001.

The General director is selected from highly qualified persons with proven multi-year experience in management roles.

The General director is appointed to the role by the Board of Governors at the proposal of the Chancellor, who in turn heeds the opinion of the Academic Senate.

The role of General director is governed by a private-law fixed-term employment contract lasting no longer than four years, which can be renewed in the same way as the appointment procedure.

The General director attends Board of governors and Academic senate meetings, without the right to vote.

The General director manages the public committee for decentralised bargaining, whose composition is resolved upon by the Board of governors at the proposal of the same General director.