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University Evaluation Team

Activities of the Evaluation Team

The Evaluation Team's main task is to check and guide the whole internal quality assurance system for the teaching and research provided by the University, in accordance with the instructions of the Italian Agency for the Evaluation of Universities (ANVUR).

The Evaluation Team has also taken on the role of Independent Evaluating Body, because it also deals with the performance, transparency and integrity of the administrative activities, in accordance with the instructions of the National Anti-corruption authority (ANAC)

The Evaluation Team is appointed by the Board of governors at the proposal of the Academic Senate.

Composition of the Evaluation Team

The University Evaluation Team is made up of five members, of which two were appointed from scholars and experts in the field of evaluation, including in non-academic settings, and of one students' representative. The Chair is a permanent professor of the University, recommended by the Academic Senate.

  • Prof. Raffaele Miniaci - Full professor University of Brescia
  • Dr Luca Bisio - Researcher University of Milan "Bicocca"
  • Prof. Massimo Castagnaro - Full professor University of Padua
  • Dr. Paola Galimberti - Librarian - University of Milan
  •  Mr Matteo Francesco Lavenia - Student's representative