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Academic Senate

Activities of the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate:
a) approves the General regulations of the University, by an absolute majority of its members;
b) puts forward proposals and expresses mandatory opinions applicable to teaching, research and students' services, including with reference to the University's three-year planning document, pursuant to article 1-ter of Italian Law Decree no. 7 of 31 January 2005, converted, with amendments, by Italian Law no. 43 of 31 March 2005, as well as the activation, modification or discontinuation of programmes, sites, Departments, teaching activity coordination facilities;
c) expresses the mandatory opinion on the annual and three-year budget forecasts and on the final account of the University.
d) approves the Regulations, subject to the favourable opinion of the Board of Governors and by absolute majority of its members, including those falling within the competence of the Departments and of the coordination facilities for teaching activities, applicable to teaching and research, as well as the code of ethics;
e) performscoordination and connection activities with the Departments and with the teaching activity coordination facilities;
f) by a majority of at least two thirds of its members, it proposes a motion of no confidence in the Chancellor to the electoral body, where applicable, but in any case not before the end of the first two years of his office;

The Academic Senate expresses its opinion on proposals regarding tuition costs or participation of the University in Joint-University Centres, Consortia, Foundations or Associations, as well as on contracts and agreements regarding teaching activity, including with a view to internationalisation.